Thursday, February 9, 2012

This is my sweet husband, Scott...He does all kinds of things for me...he loads and unloads, he drives to estates sales in numerous states all for the sake of "uniqueness"....he sometimes fills in at the cash register at Cydney's Alley on a Sunday afternoon, he loves to "junk" as much as I do...he even came up with the name "Junktiques" for our store...He is a great husband and a great father.... BUT, in addition to all this "Sweet Scott" has a real job too....he and partner Phil Cheeves own "Barnett and Cheeves " Building Supply....

Who in their right mind would open a Building Supply in this economy? Well, we did ! Two Years ago and along with a lot of prayer and a lot of hard work it's going great!Since "Sweet Scott" does so much to bring you "Fine Junktiques" don't you think you should be buying your building materials from him? Why, yes, you say. ...where in the world is he located? Well, I'm glad you asked...
Barnett & Cheeves is located at 1189 Highway 16 East, Newnan, Ga 30263. You can find them on the web at The phone number is 770-253-2630 No job is too big or too small!
This is Chris, Scott's brother....He drives for Barnett & Cheeves...I just felt like putting him in cause he is sweet too...he has been known to load a table or two for Cydney's Alley as well.... Liz


  1. And I am Liz and Sweet Scott's sista in law....the one married to Sweet Big Chris! The Sweet Brothers love to eat so please come see Sweet Scott &Big Chris at Barnett & Cheeves!
    Melanie Thompson Perry