Friday, February 3, 2012

New Stuff, New Stuff, New Stuff!!!!

Okay, well, first of all I'm a little embarrassed by how far I made Scott drive to get these books...further than even I realized we were going, but, oh well....there are 50 of these little beauties...all from the 40's and 50's and I think they are so wonderful...and really, don't my nails look good too?

I am loving these signs! For all you Lake Wedowee fans, this one with the "Boat for Hire" is so cute! And of course the Senoia signs speak for can see most of these on the outside of the building as you drive by as they are treated specifically for indoor or outdoor display!
This is my niece Hannah Raine, she is not for sale but she is so sweet I could eat her with a spoon...and I love her so much I had to put her on the blog...she is a "junker" in training....

This French Country set will have you  saying "tu vole' avec mon coue ! ( You stole my heart)  And then, "Be still my heart" when you see it is only $395.00!

Just Cute.....

Honey, don't forget we have Honey! Local Honey is good for your allergies and great for your taste buds!

I'm Just Saying....

Turquoise is in ! Bebe says so!

Original Folk Art from artist Scott Peppers from North Georgia is now on sale...this comes in red and blue....Scott Pepper's art is featured in The Foxfire Museum in Mountain City, Georgia...a place I happen to love very much.... Sale Price now $70.00...also treated for indoor or outdoor display.......Hope to see you soon! Liz