Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Story of Two Friends...

There once were two girls who were best friends....though they knew they shouldn't, sometimes they liked to get together and smoke.... herb cigs of course, the ones like Miley Cyrus was smoking...(see cute tins for $6.99). Then one day, the girls looked French instead of Chinese, but that's another story (see black and white picture only $24.99 - 28x20 ready to hang). One day, the friend waited on her girlfriend all day but she never came and now we know why....(see back of BFF tin - "sorry I stole your boyfriend"). So they weren't "best" friends after all! What happened next you can only guess...see vintage jail sign $60.00 (could come in handy). As you can see we cover all your needs as Cydney's Alley! Liz