Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Keep On Keeping On!

If you are a regular shopper in the little town of Senoia, you know that most of us are closed on Monday. I was in my shop this afternoon rearranging, receiving a new black table with four chairs, and getting things back into shape from the week-end. Well, it must have been because today was a holiday because there were folks all over town! Many of them knocking on my door ...which is fine by me even if there is only a small path to walk through when I have the furniture pulled out everywhere...
I stopped to take some photos today of just a few things that are sweet and precious as I moved them around....Bebe has worked her charms with vintage valentine vignettes....I am excited about all the new things we have coming to our little store! January has proven to be a stellar month for us, we've sold so much furniture we are scrambling for more...but don't worry, already  we have some great finds on the way and the new pieces we just put in are fantastic!.... Liz


  1. Vintage Valentines? Any with teacups or teapots in them?

  2. now you know I would have called you if I had those dearest!