Saturday, March 3, 2012

Get Your "Junkin" Fix....

Great new junktiques are at Cydney's Alley......with the help of Bebe, Scott and Tony, the store is packed full of new goodies...

This is my dog Brother, he says he is not helping do anything and could I please shut the door so he can finish his nap....

Frames! The top frames are super cute and made to look like old sale sign displays - bottom frames are blessed by Mother Mary....not really.  Top black frames- $37.00 each and bottom frames $16.99-27.50. Mary - 49.95

Paris Expo sign - $18.99     French Egg holder - 16.99  

It looks like a door, it acts like a door, but really it's these cool metal racks that old pictures....or vintage postcards, or your mail can hang get the idea....

Looks like Bebe is boiling up some Kale....vintage coffee pot, heavy, - $27.99

"Mr Sunshine, bring me a dream!" Oh, he did...with these ceramic serving dishes..$10.00-$24.99

French Key Box - $24.95

New Lanterns just in...of course they look great with candles, but you can put other things in them too...lots of fun! $40.00-55.00

I love these!!! They are mini chalk boards, just think of all you can do with great idea would be to use them as place cards at the table....set of 8 - $12.50

Really meaty "plate" or "book" or whatever you want it to be rack....$57.00

Pillows $16.99 - $22.00 - Cool iron vintage piece - $19.99 - Large ottoman- $89.00 Small ottoman - $49.99

Pretty...and to the point...$36.99

Just put these two pieces on Friday evening...the top buffet, gorgeous...that middle part is a drawer too...
The door cabinet with a rounded top, so nice, great size...$299.00

This is another new piece we put in the store of my favorites...$299.00

How cute is this? Bebe and Mike...okay, mostly Mike hung this mattress spring up and there are so many fun applications to be used...we're just getting started, you can do your own thing with it for only $75.00
A great Bebe find!

Cool pottery...

I've never seen a trunk like this one...the fabric inside is so rich and yummy...original, as is the label on the front...there is also a section for your hat, many wonderful details...wonderful price too $79.00

Last but not least it the sofa I posted earlier in the week...This lovely lady just arrived and she is stunning. Nice, rich fabric, exquisite detail...$1,995.00

Hope to see  you soon!